Venice Ride: The Rose Cafe

August 19, 2009 at 4:54 am 4 comments

Took a little meet-up ride today with my friend Geoff; while I was waiting at our appointed corner I was greeted by “The Chief of Venice Beach,” also astride his bicycle.  He admired my bike and I admired his;  The Contessa seems to living up to my hopes as a conversation piece and a sure smile-starter.

Geoff and I rode up to The Rose Cafe, a very bike-friendly Venice establishment that sports not only a brand new back patio and a finely-appointed gift shop, but a CHOICE of bike racks–hanging, wide, or narrow wheel.  Impressive!  Looks like they do catering and events too (and hey, they have wedding cakes available too–hmm, this has possibilities!)  It would be a great place for a bridal bike party to meet up afterwards for some cakery and gifting, or maybe I could learn to ride balancing a couple of their party platters on my head….

It was a gloomy overcast day, very autumnal, so Geoff and I both had oatmeal–yum for a gloomy-day tum!–and we talked about marriage, divorce, and weddings for a long time. There was much food for thought in addition to the breakfast, and I’ll have to cook up a little Examiner column on our conversation soon (and thanks, Geoff!)

The Contessa performed well today–now that the rubbing tire and loose chain have been Bicycle Repairmaned by the boys over at L.A. Brakeless, all blessings upon their mighty Allen wrenches and willing hearts.  It was a productive ride–liked the Rose Cafe, Geoff laid out a lot of thoughtful ideas about his experiences of marriage, and hey! I even earned a new monikker from one of the Venice Boardwalk fixtures!  As Geoff and I rode over to the bike path on our way home, a vendor guy saw the heart on my bike flag and cried out jubilantly: “Hey!  The Love Lady’s here!” I waved and chinged my bell, and he continued, “When I find me a girlfriend and get married, I’m calling you!”  I shouted back, “I’ll be there!”  and laughed.

Guess the smile-starting cuts both ways on the boardwalk bike path.

The official RosePedalsBikeWeddings.Com colors
The official RosePedalsBikeWeddings.Com colors

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Meet The Contessa rolling for 2010 with a new odometer for 2MileChallenge!

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  • 1. Markline  |  August 20, 2009 at 8:46 am

    Everything in Venice is perfect. I heard that the great time to visit Venice is during the month of February when the Venice Carnival is in full swing. At this time of year, hundreds of masked revellers take to the streets in period dress, and as a result can cause many hotels to be booked out months in advance. Therefore, if you wish to go then book early, and remember to bring a camera!

  • 2. Joker  |  September 5, 2009 at 3:08 am – da best. Keep it going!

  • 3. Hobosic  |  September 7, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

  • 4. Elcoj  |  September 13, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.


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